Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Seven Things

So you’re visiting my little teeny tiny blog and you’re wondering “hey, I wonder what 7 things I could learn about PDX Mama today?” Or maybe it’s just Christine and Jennifer wondering that. Whoever it is that wants to know, here goes it:


Whenever someone asks me the question “if you could be whatever you wanted to be and get paid for it, what would you be?” the answer is: professional college student. I have fantasies of majoring in just about everything and acquire numerous degrees. I’d love to study biology, psychology, sociology, environmental science, English, I could probably go on. Unfortunately, I sold my soul in college and majored in Business (Finance, in particular) thinking it would be the most useful degree. If I had only known I was going to law school (where it really doesn't matter what undergrad degree you acquire), I could have stuck with what I really enjoyed.


I love wine. Only red. I’m not very educated about wine, although I would like to be (the local community college has a certificate course, I’m nerdy enough to have aspirations to complete it one of these days in my spare time), so although I know wines that I like very much, I can’t really tell you why. I can’t explain that it’s because it’s full bodied, woody, or the like. But here are two favorites: St. Josef Pinot Noir and McMennamins Edgefield Pinot Noir Vintage Select. Both from local wineries.


I’m married to someone with a green card. Shocking, eh? He hasn’t renewed his card yet, so it’s still a picture of a cute little barely English-speaking 8 year old Romanian boy. And no, marrying a citizen (that’s me) doesn’t make you one. He received no special citizenship privileges by marrying me since he was already a permanent resident. Some day when he gives a crap about voting or getting a passport, he’ll get his butt in the long ass queue to take the test and become what his children already are just because they were lucky enough to be born here.


I think I’ve officially caught the running bug. Last week I actually got excited that I was able to squeeze in some time to run after work. I have a Word document on my computer of all the races in the area over the next year and I get butterflies in my tummy thinking about which ones I can do and when. Before you start thinking "she must have lost a ton of weight," I am bummed to report, I haven’t lost a damn pound since I took this up in January. Please no “muscle weighs more than fat” comments. Some of my pants actually got tighter around the thighs. Sure, maybe it’s muscle – but I don’t know many girls that actually want to get BIGGER. My husband tries to tell me he likes muscular legs and can't stand skinny legs, but like any sensible woman, who believes what their mate says about what they find attractive? Nevertheless, I’m going to keep at it because the thought that maybe one day I can run the unthinkable, a marathon, is an accomplishment I get very giddy about.


I have a lot of guilty pleasures that I indulge in. I look forward to Fridays, not just because it means the weekend is coming, but because the new People Magazine is available. It may be full of a lot of useless information, but occasionally, it serves a purpose – I can usually score pretty well in pop culture trivia games. I like just about anything on VH1. “Best Week Ever” is particularly entertaining, but I stoop so low as to even watch the Flavor Flav spin offs (what is up – New York is having another show??? Things didn’t work out with what’s-his-face? Shocking!).


Sometimes I think I engage in too much retail therapy. I have a ritual of going to Target every weekend. I love Target, by the way. I try to justify it by saying it’s all stuff we really need, but I’m beginning to think I just like buying stuff. I always feel a little guilty afterward. Me thinks a spending diet is in my future.


Next to camping, probably our favorite outing, with or without the kids, is going to brew pubs. Have we officially become trailer trash? Perhaps. When we camp in Pacific City, it's the Pelican Pub. When we camp in Newport, it's the Rogue Brewery . When we camp in Sunriver, it's Deschutes Brewery. I suspect when we camp in the Columbia River Gorge area, it will be the Full Sail Brewery. When we're around home, it's McMennamins. There's just something about going to one of these brew pubs, which typically is located in a nearly idyllic setting (on the beach, on the bay, overlooking the river), looking at the view, having a good microbrew and a hearty lunch. They're also pretty family friendly, so we don't get overly embarrassed when our kids start whining or throwing things (or maybe it's the beer goggles that make it all seem a little better).

So, two of the 7 relate to alcohol? Is that Meredith Viera I hear "tsk, tsk, tsking" me in my head?
I tag Fairly Odd Mother and I'm going to branch out and tag one of my new favorite blogs, Serving the Queens (of course, I don't know her too well and she writes so dang eloquently, not sure if she'll join in on such silliness) to join in on the fun of spilling 7 things about themselves.


Jenn said...

Eeeek! The pressure!

Seven things about myself? I don't even know if I know seven things about myself....but I'll try.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Hi there!

My mom still has a green card too! Over 40 years in this country and counting.

I WISH I could get the running bug. Or any exercise bug whatsoever.

I promise I will do this shortly---however, I JUST posted 18 things (yes, gag, the 18 things meme) about me, and I fear that if I write anything more about me, no one will ever read my blog again! So, I'll save this one for a little while but promise I'll do it!

Lawyer Mama said...

If it makes you feel better, it seems like all of my posts involve alcohol lately!